The consulting often starts from our showroom (1200 square meters). Here the customer can touch all materials , observe them in natural and artificial light , walk between the always updated installations and samples of bathrooms and kitchens , look at many catalogues and websites. Highly qualified staff shows the customer the options that best suit their aesthetic, functional and budgetary needs and operates as an expert but discreet guide in the final choice , which ends with the delivery of an offer. Sometimes consulting starts from planners’, designers’, interior designers’ , contractors’ specific request (also online), and gives solutions and offers that meet specific aesthetic , technical and economical requirements. Architechts often find in our showroom the idea for the creation of new solutions and have the opportunity to talk with our technical staff, knowing all the ongoing and future proposals (decorations, finishes and special shapes).. Particular attention is given to eco-sustainability and to propose solutions that ensure the high quality standards required by leading environmental certification (eg. LEED ) .