Since 1978, Duepi Ceramiche has been the RETAIL company of the Group, specialized in consulting and installation of floor and wall tiles for indoor and outdoor use, and in the sale and installation of sanitary and items of furniture for the bathroom.

Duepi Ceramiche considers the material itself as a piece of furniture that clearly connotes the personality and convenience of the spaces, both from an aesthetic and from a functional point of view.

Duepi Ceramiche provides a high quality of life in each space, seeking innovative and original solutions and ensuring transparency in trade relations. The image of each room is not still and defined, but it is a unique and personal result of the optimal mix between the aesthetics of volumes and surfaces and the infinite possibilities of decor, given by a multitude of floor coverings.
DUEPI Ceramiche offers its services to companies, designers and private clients, offering ad hoc services that meet the needs of each client, ensuring the constant updating of its offer, competitive prices thanks to long time partnerships with market leading companies and fast delivery even for highly customized projects. DUEPI Ceramiche now boasts a highly specialized technical and artistic team supporting the client with an all-round project management.
DUEPI Ceramiche specializes in various branches: private (residential and commercial), public (schools , urban spaces, sports facilities, buildings), industrial, hotels, renovations, ships and decor.