Entrusting the executive design of your space and the supply of pieces of furniture to DUEPI CONTRACT means having assistance throughout the whole process of realization of the sales point: from consultancy to design, from production to after-sale service.
DUEPI CONTRACT realizes turnkey solutions or is involved only for some competences, depending on clients’ needs (consultancy, design, production, sale).

The principal services offered by DUEPI CONTRACT are:
•Technical and economic analysis of the concept and preliminary analysis;
• Budgeting and economical offers;
• Evaluation of critical situations and problems related to design;
• Preliminary, definitive, executive design and technical drawings;
• Assistance and consultancy to architects and interior designers;
• Selection of the best suppliers and the best proposal for each client;
• Construction of a scale model (mock-up 1:1)
• Production of customized pieces of furniture made of wood or Acrylic Solid Surface
• Sale of design products for interior design projects of the best well-known brands;
• Administrative management of the documentation and organization of the shipping worldwide;
• Building works and fittings made according to the local regulations, with highly qualified staff;
• After sales services and maintenance on site.