No individual is identical to another; no project is exactly the same as another. In a world where everything tends towards standardization, the DUEPI CONTRACT client is a demanding consumer, careful and never trivial, who refuses standardized products, preferring instead the refinement of an exclusive product, that is matchless and of excellent quality, Tailor made for the Client’s needs.
DUEPI CONTRACT realizes projects tailor made for the Client. Our Staff will listen to your specific requirements and taste, they will make your dreams come true, creating exclusive original environments fitting your peculiar personality. The extensive network of relationships and experiences allows DUEPI CONTRACT to manage requests from all over the world, quickly and for the best of your needs.

DUEPI CONTRACT realizes turnkey solutions with speed of execution of the works, in collaboration with a team of experienced designers, artisans and highly skilled technicians and gives assistance throughout the whole process of realization of the (commercial or residential) luxury project: from consultancy to design, from production of customized piece of furnitures (internal competence) to selection of the best Italian suppliers.
LUXURY means 100% Tailor Made Italian Quality..

DUEPI CONTRACT produces directly each high quality peice of furniture, made of wood or of Acrylic Solid Surface, thanks to Mr Mario Airoldi’s professionalism: an Artistic Carpenter leader of processing newer (Network Corian Certificate) and older materials (wood).
DUEPI CONTRACT uses only highly-selected Italian suppliers and artisans for what it doesn’t directly produce: textiles, curtains, wall papers, lamps, outdoors, automations.
DUEPI CONTRACT is also retailer of most renowned Italian Brand, in finishings and interior design, given to client the chance of finding a unique matching between customized products and design objects.

The production chain of DUEPI CONTRACT is totally made in Italy, as well as the partners involved, who share the same values and professionalism. DUEPI has been promoting the genuine Italian Craftsmanship for more than 50 years. 100% Made in Italy tailor made products guarantee quality and respect of the original Italian traditions. The Company uses only first choice suppliers (where production is not self-satisfied) and first choice materials, processed with the most refined techniques.

DUEPI CONTRACT provides technical and economic analysis of the concept, evaluation and solving of critical aspects of the project, executive design and sampling of materials, mock up 1:1, production, shipping and logistic, building works, fitting and after-sales on site services.